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Why is it called a “certified” Farmers' Market?

Certified Farmers' Markets were established by the State of California with conditions that enhance the profitability of small farmers, allowing more to survive.  

What makes a farmer certified?
Certification requires the farmer to pay an application fee to the Agricultural Department, who witnesses that the produce is grown on the farmer's property and then issues the certification. No re-sold produce.

Can anyone become certified?
Only if the Agricultural Department's inspection is passed.

Why are uncertified vendors called “guest” vendors?
The Certified Farmers' Markets were established by the State of California as a source of healthy produce for consumers. Other vendors are guests of  certified farmers to enhance the Farmers' Market by providing consumers desirable products.

Why can't the market be just an “organic” market?
The requirements for farmer certification are different than the requirements for organic. The  State of California established consumer protection with the certification program.

How are transactions counted?

At the end of each market day, each vendor writes the amount of their fee, in cash, on the outside of a dated envelope, puts the amount in the envelope and gives it to the Market Manager. The  Market Manager tallies and totals the fees, subtracts the cash spent during the market (for example, honey sticks purchased for children's tours), and deposits the cash.

How are collections recorded?
The Market Manager records the fees from each category, reports the total for that market day, and summarizes those totals into a monthly report of market activity.

How are transactions recorded?
All records are recorded by a contract bookkeeper, who prepares financial reports for the management subcommittee Treasurer.

What Rules and Regulations apply?
The Rules and Regulations from various sources are summarized in the market's Rules and Regulations, which are on this website.

How does a vendor qualify?
Application forms and requirements are on this website.

What is the complaint procedure?
The Rules and Regulations for certification specify a certified farmer appeals process, which is different than the complaint process applicable to guest vendors. Please see this website for the Complaint form.

What restrictions apply?
First are the County Agricultural and Health Department Rules and Regulations. Artisan (or craft) products must be made locally—no re-sale items. Duplication of crafts is avoided as not enhancing the Certified Farmers' Market. Because of State of California regulations, certified farmers have priority for a place in the market.  Other space available is a restricted.